• Grows with your baby from birth

  • Lightweight & Breathable using natural fabrics 
  • Comfortable on your back for long wearing 
  • 'Hip Healthy' product as acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute 
  • 3.2 kg - 18 kgs 
  • Machine Washable

Linen Wrap Baby Carrier - Stripe
Linen Wrap Baby Carrier - Stripe
  • Quick and Easy to put on by yourself 

  • Lightweight & Breathable using natural fabrics 
  • Comfortable on your back for long wearing 
  • 'Hip Healthy' product as acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute 
  • 5 kg - 16 kgs 
  • Machine Washable


Newborn Froggy Legs In

Birth - 6 Weeks 

Small Baby 

Legs Out

Birth - 6-9 Months 


4+ months

Inward Facing

6-9+ months

Forward Facing 

6+ months

*Please see our notes in our FAQ's on this carry


6+ months


Newborn Froggy Legs In

Birth - 6 weeks

Small Baby Legs Out

Birth - 6-9 months


4+ months

Inward Facing

6-9 months

Forward Facing

6+ months

*Please see our notes in our FAQ's on this carry


6+ months


For those who love tradition and the snug and close feeling a wrap carry gives you. A simplified take on a traditional Baby Carrier design, ergonomically shaped, providing optimum support and security for baby and carer. Perfectly lightweight, these carriers are the ultimate accessory for summer adventures.

  • Grows with your baby.  Tall body panel means your carrier grows as your baby grows. For smaller babies or newborns simply fold the waistband to shorten the body.Permanent elastic cinch at waist to adjust the seat width as needed for smaller babies and to forward face your baby.

  • Wide shoulder straps provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort. Straps cross in an "X" across your back to help evenly distribute the weight of your baby promoting better posture for you.

  • Long straps means no need to adjust between multiple wearers.

  • Buckles at the waist for ultimate ease of use.

  • Wide padded waistband provides superior comfort for longer wearing to help evenly distribute weight.

  • Permanent hood included to support baby's head while sleeping, sun, wind or rain protection while out and about, and extra privacy while feeding.

  • Discreetly breastfeed on the go with a simple adjustment of the straps



See how simple using your carrier really is.



We know how important finding a comfortable baby carrier is to you.  The Zarpar Guarantee is designed to give you the complete peace of mind when purchasing our carriers for the first time.    

  • We will gladly refund the purchaseprice of your first baby carrier if you're not 100% satisfied within 14 days of your purchase.

  • We also offer a full 12 month Warranty on all of our carriers.

Linen Wrap Baby Carrier - Stripe


Is it easy to secure the Baby Carrier on my own?

Absolutely!  There is some learning when first starting out as with most Baby Carriers, however, once you have done it a few times it becomes second nature.

There is an obvious place where baby should be placed so there is no guesswork or origami involved.  The key thing to remember is ensuring the carrier is tight, as long as the carrier is tied firmly, you will enjoy many hours of babywearing! 

Can I face my baby forward?

Yes, the wrap carrier can.  However, it is not a position we encourage for long periods.  If you choose to forward face your baby, please only try with older babies, 6+ months and for short periods of time. 10-20 minutes.

There are many reasons we do not recommend forward facing carry: 

  • Overwhelming for a young baby

  • Difficult to respond to and monitor your child

  • There is very little hip support for their delicate joints

  • No head or neck support 

  • Extra pressure on baby & wearers spine 

Please read our article which explains this more in detail.

What if my baby wants to see the world for longer than 10 minutes?

Hip Carry is the perfect alternative to forward facing carry.  

  • Babies hips are fully supported

  • Baby can see the world around them 

  • Baby can come back into you when they are feeling overwhelmed 

  • You can engage with and monitor your baby 

  • Your child "helps" you carry by leaning in and supporting your posture

Hip Carry is a very easy carry position and feels very safe and secure.  

And for babies over 6 months you can try Back carry which most children love! 

You can see our tutorial videos here.

How do I know when my newborn is ready to have his feet out of the carrier?

Your baby can be carried with his legs out of the carrier from birth.  So it is up to you when you both feel comfortable to do so.  Typically most babies transition to this position at around 4-6 weeks.

Can I carry my Premature baby?

Baby wearing is perfect for your premature baby, as the snug carry and mama’s heartbeat is the closest environment to inside the womb.  Zarpar Wrap carriers have a 3.2kg minimum weight limit, so if your baby is below this weight, please consult with a medical professional to see if babywearing is a safe and healthy option for you and baby.

Can I Breastfeed my baby in the Baby Carrier?

Absolutely!  And we encourage you doing so.

Simply loosen the straps to drop bub down to your breasts, shift the waistband slightly to the side you are feeding on and you are now hands free feeding! 

My baby has Hip Dysplasia, can I still use this Baby Carrier?

All of our carriers have been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a "Hip Healthy" product.

They support the all important 'M' seat position so provide the perfect support for your baby.  Please do not attempt forward facing position if your baby is at risk of Hip Dysplasia.

If in doubt, please always check with your medical professionals.

Does it get hot wearing the Zarpar Bebe Baby Carrier?

Our Baby Carriers have been made using 100% linen which we chose partly due to its breathability and absorbency.  Linen remains cool to the touch and it also absorbs a fair amount of water before actually feeling damp, ensuring you don't get too sticky.

The carrier is also very lightweight and there is no unnecessary bulk or layers.

Of course having your child attached to you during hot climates will make you warmer than usual, so it is important that you dress accordingly.  You can read our tips to summer babywearing here.

How do I wash my baby carrier?

Simply put it in the washing machine!  

And due to the natural fabrics, it means drying is very fast so you wont be without your carrier for long! 

Read our detailed wash instructions here.

How do I know if the baby carrier will fit me?

Our Baby Carriers fit most women's dress sizes from 8-20 AU and men up to size XL.

Have the carriers been safety tested?

YES, Absolutely! All of our Baby Carriers are CPSIA compliant and rigorously lab tested to meet the ASTM standards.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

YES! You can find these here.

Are the carriers Vegan friendly?

Yes!  Our baby carriers are 100% vegan friendly.  We only source pure and simple fabrics respecting animals and the environment.

What's the difference between the Snap and the Wrap Carriers? 

The Snap carrier is a modern version of the Wrap.

The Snap can be used from 4 months and the wrap can be used from birth.

Read our summary to help you understand the difference between the 2 carriers here.

Where are the Zarpar Baby Carriers made?

Our carriers are designed in Australia and made in Nepal & Indonesia.

You can get to know our makers here.



We Deliver Worldwide. 

 Shipping within Australia is Free.

For our international shipping prices, please select your country at checkout for our updated delivery rates.

Orders are processed within 1-2 business days. 

Delivery times vary depending on your location.  Once your order is processed, the following delivery times are a guide only. 

> Australia

 Sunshine Coast: Same or following Business Day 

 QLD/VIC/NSW/ACT/SA: 1- 3 Business Days 

 TAS/WA/NT: 7 -10 Business Days. 

 > New Zealand: 5 Business Days 

 > United States: 5 Business Days 

 > United Kingdom: 6 Business Days 

 > Europe: 6-8 Business Days 

 > Middle East/Asia: 6-10 Business Days 

 > South/Central America: 7 Business Days 

 > Africa: 6-10 Business Days 

 Please note you are responsible for any local import or customs duties payable within your country.


Please contact us within 14 days of receiving your carrier should you wish to return it to info@zarparbebe.com.au 

In the case of change of mind, you will be responsible for the return postage charges. 

No refunds or exchange on sale items.

 If there is a fault with your carrier that you believe would be a safety concern, please also contact us ASAP - we will issue a postage return label and send a replacement carrier to you.  We offer a full 12 month warranty on product defects.


newborn easy wrap baby carrier
Linen Wrap Baby Carrier - Eucalyptus