Meet Yoni, island living intuitive earth mama inspiring us with her heart-centred connection to mother earth.

We talk about her jungle island home, intuitive parenting and free-birthing her gorgeous Bloem.  

Come in and get to know this beautiful family...

Who makes up your gorgeous family?

Mmm my family. My family is made of me! Yoni, it’s my birth name, not some shanti name I gave myself. (In Sanskrit it means womb, and all the encompassing female energy.) Then there’s Ryan, my love. Then there’s Bodhi Lotus our sonshine & Bloem Inanna (pronounced Bloom e-naa-naa).

Where is home for you?

Home is on a tiny Hawaiian island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Basically we’re jungle homesteading on 2.2 acres and I’m not quite sure we live in what society would call a proper “home.” But it’s home for us, we love it (and it drives us crazy at times) & are grounded and have roots here for now!

What are some of your favourite adventures you do together?

Our favorite adventures definitely include hikes and water. Hikes to waterfalls, beaches, rivers. We find it important to always get to a place where the children can have some uninterrupted nature play time. A bit of rewilding for all of us! And exploring to water is always to important to us because water cleanses the auric field. So it’s an incredible gift to yourself to hop in a body of water whenever you can.

What has babywearing given to you and your family?

Baby wearing has given our family closeness, connection and more freedom! 

We still wear Bodhi sometimes on hikes, and honestly for a while I forgot how much Bloem liked to be carried! About two months ago she brought her carrier to me (she was 14 months at the time) and I had a bit of an AH-HA! Moment. Like of couuuuurse you wanna be worn more!!! You’re still such a little babe!! So it’s been our saving-grace again. With teething and over-stimulation happening, it’s wonderful to get her close and comfy to me so she can fall asleep.

You Free-birthed your beautiful babies into the world. 

 Can you take us back to that day?

 So I actually had Bodhi in a hospital! Which is an amazing birth story in its own... but his birth was the way that it was and it paved the way for us to be even more open to free birthing. I didn’t realize it until I was pregnant with Bloem how many distractions I had in a hospital and how it still wasn’t what I wanted Birth to look and feel like. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful and divine, but his umbilical cord was cut right away, they monitored too much & it actually left me with a bit of trauma I think! Ultimately Bloem was the one that demanded a free birth. And she was also the catalyst for our move to the islands. She had to be born here. When I was pregnant she would show me visions of how she would be born. On an island, Off grid, in water, under the moonlights, a clear night, what phase the moon was in, and she would show me that it was just Ryan and I. No one else. Part of me wishes I could say more exciting things... but it was all her! I was just the vessel she needed to come through. But wow, it was magic!!! I mean, we made an off grid water birth happen. And when I say “we” I mean the folks I was living with in a community. They helped set up, and then they went back to their homes and gave us space. No electricity involved & no boiling pots of water on the stove constantly. A fire, the internal healing element to a tankless water heater, enough water pressure and with a touch of divinity because the water temp was PERFECT first try. I tend to overly explain everything, so if folks really wanna hear the whole story (& it is pretty beautiful) I’ll add in the link to my podcast interview with Free Birth Society. 

How does intuition play into your parenting journey? 

And what advice would you give to those parents wanting to become more mindful parents?

Wow so I actually just read a post today about anxiety vs. intuition and how to differentiate and it was such a potent read. Made my connection to intuition much stronger. But I feel intuition in parenting is this innate feeling. It’s not someone else’s opinion, it’s something YOU feel deep in your wombspace. It normally just appears too, it’s not something you need to fish for in your brain. And gosh, it plays a role everyday in my parenting! I think intuition and trust go hand and in hand in parenting. Having had the intuitive feeling (and trust of Bloem) to allow for her free birth. Or Trusting and allowing them to reach for the fruits / foods they desire because I know they know their bodies. Intuitively trusting the plant medicines that speak to us over OTC or doctors when our children need a little extra care. My first bit of advice to parents wanting to be more mindful, is literally to stay as present as possible. Forget the “this and then this and then this and oh I need to do that and then that.” Just focus on what you’re doing NOW and when that’s over, find what flows next. Yes, of course there’s a balance because we are the providers and our children like routines and sometimes we gotta get to the grocery store before a certain time. I get it. But in ALL that... surrender to a flow, and just be aware and present with it all. The next bit would be to listen. Listen to that first impulse and act on it. (Ester and Abraham Hicks fans anyone?? Let’s get ourselves into the Vortex). If anything, having children forces us, and not always in a gentle way, to rise in conscious and mindfulness. We have SUCH an opportunity! Remember breath, remember love. You got this!

What does self care look like for you in this season of motherhood?

Self care. Do we have to talk about that right now?! Just kidding... but I’m pretty stumped on this one. I brushed my hair for the first time in two months a few days ago? I made a face scrub a few days later? I took a cold shower underneath the moonlight? Self care definitely isn’t a ritual for me. There will be a time that it will become one. I know and feel it’s necessary, but Bloem is still nursing, is only 16 months and my children’s and the lands demand is so high, that I just can’t get myself to get up earlier to get some real self care time in. I think self care before your babe turns two is something that you have to find in your everyday life with your children. Picking a flower and tucking it behind your ear, making yourself yummy tea, cooking a nourishing meal, blessing your food, walking barefoot on the earth, keeping a tidy space which could include actually folding the laundry and putting it away because it’ll feel good!! Yes, I want just me time. But for now I’ll be mindful in where I am in the present and do what I feel I can!

If there is one place in the world you could take your family tomorrow, where would that be and why?

The first place that jumped into my mind was Thailand. The second place after I allowed myself some more thought was Nepal. So let’s just keep it general then and say Asia? And why... temples, history, culture, the people, the nature! I just feel that people live their life so intentionally there and I want to feel that myself. I also feel there’s just something waiting & calling for us there...

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