Wrap Carrier Instructions

Download the Wrap Carrier Instruction Booklet Here


Newborn Carry 


Front Inward Facing Carry 


Hip Carry


Back Carry




Things to Note:

  • Use this carrier for children 3.6 to 18.1 kgs.
  • Back Carry position is for children 6+ months who can sit unassisted with strong head and upper body control.
  • When wearing a child on your back, frequently look at yourself when passing a window or another reflective object.  Or ideally have someone check for you.
  • Front Outward Facing Carry position is only for children who can hold his or her own head upright. Not recommended for babies under 4 months.
  • The seat panel must reach to the knee and not beyond. If the panel extends beyond the knee, this will indicate adjustments need to be made using the seat panel cinch to further narrow the seat panel.
  • For all babies, but especially infants under 4 months, remember to always keep the face uncovered and visible.
  • When carrying babies under 4 months, position their heads to one side and monitor breathing.  Grunting may indicate breathing distress and should be removed from the carrier.
  • ​Please check your carrier regularly for any damage that may affect the quality and safety.