Comparing The Zarpar Bebe Carriers...

Still trying to decide which carrier is best for you?  Here's a detailed summary to help you compare our 2 gorgeous carriers.

The Snap Carrier is designed as a modern version of the traditional Wrap Carrier.
When both Carriers are worn they feel very similar to each other, they both have a beautiful snug fit.

The Snap Carrier is perfect for those with busy lifestyles or those who just love simplicity.
It is very simple to put on and takes only a second, making running errands, school runs or just a walk on the beach a breeze.
By making an easy adjustment to the straps, you can discreetly breastfeed wherever you are.

The Wrap is for those who love the snug feeling a wrap carry brings.  
There is some learning in tying the straps, but with a little practice, it is very quick and easy.  It is suitable to use from birth and can we used well into Toddlerhood (up to 18kgs), so comes with additional versatility.
A traditional Asian style carrier dating back centuries, it really is a beautiful way to carry your bebês.  

Our Carriers are surprisingly comfortable.  The Zarpar Carriers when worn in a front inward facing position, the straps cross over your shoulders making an "X" on your back and doesn't force you into a hunched position.  This allows the weight to be distributed evenly across your torso. It promotes excellent posture by pulling your body into a naturally straight stance.

Both carriers fold up to fit perfectly into your Nappy bag or stow under your pram without taking up too much valuable space!