Snap Buckle Carrier Instructions

Download the Snap Buckle Carrier Instruction Booklet Here


Front Inward Facing Carry 

Hip Carry 


Back Carry 


Things to Note:

  • This Carrier is NOT designed to support Newborn Babies.
  • Use this carrier for children 5.4 to 15.9 kgs
  • This Carrier is NOT designed to wear your baby in a front forward facing position.
  • Back Carry position is for children 6+ months who can sit unassisted with strong head and upper body control.
  • When wearing a child on your back, frequently look at yourself when passing a window or another reflective object.  Or ideally have someone check for you.
  • The seat panel must reach to the knee and not beyond. If the panel extends beyond the knee, this will indicate your child is still too small for the carrier.
  • For all babies, but especially infants under 4 months, remember to always keep the face uncovered and visible.
  • When carrying babies under 4 months, position their heads to one side and monitor breathing.  Grunting may indicate breathing distress and should be removed from the carrier.
  • ​Please check your carrier regularly for any damage that may affect the quality and safety.