The Story Behind Zarpar Bebê

In June 2014, my first baby boy arrived into this world.  A whirlwind of a beautiful home birth.  He was perfect in every way - yet this precious little boy did not sleep, not even for a moment, not without his mamas touch!

Once I discovered babywearing, I knew it was my only way to truly embrace my motherhood journey.  But the world of baby carriers felt so overwhelming!  I began by working my way through testing out every carrier in every store, attending babywearing meets, trying out friends carriers whenever I could.  Some were great, some were OK and some were just plain awful.  I never found my perfect carrier.    

Once my daughter arrived in February 2016, another gorgeous koala baby, I knew I needed to solve my babywearing dilemma!  

I have a true passion for beautiful and authentic textiles and found some stunning Nepalese fabrics, so I sat down to my borrowed sewing machine to begin my creation.  I knew it needed to be as natural as I could make it, it needed to be light and breathable and above all comfortable.  Beautiful was just an added bonus! 

I fell in love with my new carrier and so did all the mamas around me and that was just the beginning of the Zarpar Bebê journey...

My name is Jemma and I am the designer and creator of all the beauty you see in Zarpar Bebê.  I am a mum (probably like you) to 3 beautiful little beings, Kyon, Zahlee & Aruanâ.  

Zarpar exists to help connect our parenting through nature; to be a platform for this beautiful community to share in your natural parenting journey and feel supported.  Helping to remind you that your instincts are all you need. That immersing yourself into nature and anchoring your senses into the moment can be all you need to realign your energies and find that beautiful sense of calm.

We hope you fall in love with your Zarpar Bebê babywearing journey...