At our heart, we strive for ethical and moral integrity to include all beings.  

We want to continually progress and reevaluate our processes, to simply do better, for our environment, for you and especially for our babies.

Through thoughtful sourcing we ensure fair wages and clean and safe working conditions.  We are committed to using pure and simple fabrics which have been sustainably sourced respecting animals and the environment.

We believe the traditional art of handmade design has the power to enrich the lives of others.  By working with rural communities, we help to strengthen the livelihoods of marginalized families. 

Nurturing dignity, pride and humanity at every level. 




About Linen...

Linen is a textile woven from the fibers of the flax plant.  Flax is the strongest and most durable of natural fibers.

Linen possess no elasticity, which ensures the carriers maintain their shape over time.

Linen feels cool to the touch and is a very absorbent fabric, taking on up to 20% moisture before it even feels damp.  Due to this, it makes it a very comfortable fabric under any conditions, as it quickly absorbs any perspiration without making you feel sticky and sweaty.


About Allo...

Allo is a type of Himalayan Nettle fiber.  It is grown in abundance around the Himalayan regions and as such has created a means of income for these otherwise marginalized communities.

It is a very sustainable fabric supply as the plant almost grows uncontrollably making it a fast renewable resource. 

The process involved in the production of the fabric, though labor-intensive, is done by hand which is cutting down chemicals, energy, machinery and pollution.

Allo is an incredibly strong fiber, in fact stronger than linen.  With a stunning natural and textured finish, it's the perfect fabric for our carriers.

We work closely with the beautiful women of a social-business organisation based out of rural Nepal.  They work towards strengthening the livelihoods of financially deprived and marginalized home based women workers.