Meet Our Beautiful Makers...

We work closely with the beautiful women at SABAH NEPAL, a social-business organization which works towards strengthening the livelihoods of financially deprived and marginalized home based women workers in Nepal.

It has been zeroing in on its mission of empowering the rural and urban poor women working in the informal sector through economic self-sufficiency. The organisation is completely owned and operated by its women members.

The gorgeous Allo/Cotton Fabric used in our Bohemian Sands carrier is handwoven in Darchula, in the far regions of Nepal.  It takes 5 days to even reach Darchula, including one day walking.

Before the Allo becomes thread, the nettle yarn is prepared totally from scratch, from the nettle bark by these rural women.

I am extremely proud to be supporting this wonderful organisation and am excited, with your support, to continue to grow with these beautiful women.