MATERIALS - organic

This beuatiful baby carrier is made using 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Canvas!  We're so excited to be offering you our much loved carrier in Organic fabrics, elimating nasty chemicals for you and your babe!  Canvas is a tightly woven fabric creating a very strong and durable product.  The perfect fabric for a baby carrier that typically gets a very good workout in it's long life.  The Cotton Canvas will help you stay cool in warmer climates due to it's wicking abilities, and being a natural fibre is completely breathable.  This fabric has been grown, harvested and lovingly woven in India.

The front panel is made using Organic Allo & Cotton (not certified).  Aside from it's pure natural beauty. Allo is an incredibly strong fiber. With a stunning textured finish, it's the perfect fabric for our carriers.

Allo is a type of Himalayan Nettle fiber. It is grown in abundance around the Himalayan regions and as such has created a means of income for these otherwise marginalized communities. It is a very sustainable fabric supply as the plant almost grows uncontrollably making it a fast renewable resource.The process involved in the production of the fabric, though labor-intensive, is done by hand which cuts out many chemicals, energy, machinery and pollution.

The webbing straps made using a very heavy duty cotton webbing.


A beautiful, lightweight, yet heavy duty, baby carrier!