What makes Zarpar Bebe different?

Zarpar Bebe carriers are one of the most lightweight and breathable carriers on the market. Designed in Australia with the warm summer months in mind, but are perfect for any climate.Our carriers are made using 100% Linen - a fabric that feels cool to the touch. It is one of the natural worlds most absorbent materials and can take on alot of moisture before actually feeling damp. It also has the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth. 

Non bulky padding and foam has been used through the waist and shoulder straps ensuring there is no extra layers than absolutely necessary.And natural bamboo padding used in the Wrap carrier which helps further to regulate temperature. 

Zarpar carriers are designed not only with your style in mind, but also the safety of a secure and comfortable carry for your little one.We also source and produce our carriers through the most ethical and sustainable means possible - we love and care for our producers as much as the people we make them for.

What's the difference between the Snap & Wrap carrier?

The Snap Carrier is designed as a modern buckle version of the traditional Wrap Carrier. When both Carriers are worn they feel very similar to each other, they both have a beautiful snug fit. 

 The Snap Carrier is perfect for those with busy lifestyles or those who just love simplicity. Suitable to use from 3-4 months, it is very simple to put on and takes only a second, making running errands, school runs or just a walk on the beach a breeze. By making an easy adjustment to the straps, you can discreetly breastfeed wherever you are. A beautiful carrier to enjoy many years of carrying your love. 

The Wrap is for those who love the snug feeling a wrap carry brings. There is some learning in tying the straps, but with a little practice, it is very quick and easy. There are a few more carry positions available with the wrap carrier, including front forward facing and it is suitable to use straight from birth. A traditional Asian style carrier dating back centuries, it really is a beautiful way to carry your baby. 

Our Carriers are surprisingly comfortable. Other carriers can hold most of the weight through the shoulder straps, forcing you to hunch your shoulders, which can make it very uncomfortable very quickly. Many people give up baby wearing early on for this reason. The Zarpar Carrier shoulder straps cross over your shoulders making an "X" on your back. This allows the weight to be distributed evenly across your torso. It also promotes excellent posture by pulling your body into a naturally straight stance. 

 Both carriers fold up to fit perfectly into your Nappy bag or stow under your pram without taking up too much valuable space!For a more detailed summary, click here

Can I breastfeed my baby inside the carrier?

Yes, and we definitely encourage doing so! 

Whilst wearing the Snap carrier, simply loosen the shoulder strap on the side you plan to feed on. Adjust baby until she is attached correctly. It may help to loosen the waist belt to drop baby down a little, or adjust into a hip carry for a simple way to feed your bub.Once your baby is attached comfortably, simply tighten the straps for hands-free breastfeeding. 

In the Wrap carrier, loosen the straps and drop baby down and adjust so that she can comfortably attach. Once secure, simply re-tighten the straps for hands-free breastfeeding.If you feel you need additional coverage, just pull the hood shade up and secure on one side and ensure baby is still visible to you.Once baby has finished feeding, raise baby back up and readjust the straps. 

 Tips: If you can, wear a low cut top so that access to your breast is easy. Be patient, breastfeeding while babywearing can take some learning. It is a good idea to practise a few times at home while baby isn't hungry so you don't feel stressed and rushed while out and about.

Safety note: YOU are responsible for your baby's safety in a carrier. Make sure you keep a supporting hand on your baby as you adjust the straps, and be sure everything feels secure before letting go. When in doubt, it's better to breastfeed safely than hands-free! Be sure your baby's airway is clear when nursing; babies need to breathe through their noses, so don't cover their faces. 

I'm using the wrap carrier, When should I carry my baby with their legs out?

This is up to you and your baby and what feels most comfortable for both of you, although typically around 6 weeks. You can, however, carry your baby with their legs out from birth, simply use the elastic cinch at the side of the carrier to narrow the seat panel. See video tutorials. Always ensure your baby is supported in a deep ‘M’ squat, with their knees bent above their bottom and that the seat panel does not extend beyond babies knee.For more detailed information, click here 

What are the baby carriers weight limits? 

You can use your Zarpar Wrap Carrier from the moment baby arrives and there are so many benefits to both carer and baby in doing do.  The recommended weight range for the Wrap carrier is from 3-18kgs. 

Our Snap carriers are for babies from around 3-4 months, or those babies with strong head control. The recommended weight range is from 5.5-16kgs. 

 You will enjoy many years of Babywearing Bliss with both of our Zarpar carriers.

Can I use my Zarpar Carrier to carry my baby facing forward?

Only the Wrap carrier gives you this option. Simply use the elastic cinch at the side of the carrier to narrow the seat. Please note. we do not encourage this carry position and recommend instead a hip carry. You can read more here.    

Please do not attempt to wear your baby facing outward while using the Snap carrier, it is not designed to do so and will not be supportive or safe for either of you.

Can I carry my premature baby safely?

Baby wearing is perfect for your premature baby, as the snug carry and mama’s heartbeat is the closest environment to inside the womb. Zarpar Wrap carriers have a 3kg minimum weight limit, so if your baby is below this weight, please consult with a medical professional to see if babywearing is a safe and healthy option for you and baby.

How do I wash my Zarpar Bebe Carrier?

For food, vomit or daily kinds of mess you can use a baby wipe or wet cloth to gently spot clean the soiled area.We recommend a gentle, cold machine wash with your carrier placed in a cotton pillow case or laundry bag. This prevents the straps getting too twisted in the spin cycle. Fasten all buckles before washing. Line dry in the shade.Your Zarpar Carrier is a unique, handmade creation. It needs to be treated with love and care to keep its durability, comfort & beauty. But with the proper love and care your Zarpar Carrier will give you many years of baby wearing bliss.

Do the Zarpar Carriers contain any animal products?

No, our baby carriers are 100% vegan friendly.

Do the Zarpar Carriers meet product safety standards?

Yes! Our carriers have been rigorously lab tested and meet all Australian/NZ, US, Canada and European safety standards. Both Carriers comply with ASTM F2236−16a & 16 CFR 1226 safety standards.

What is the warranty information for the Zarpar Carriers?

Our carriers come with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

What is your return policy?

We totally understand that Baby Wearing is a personal thing, everyone has a slightly different idea on what feels comfortable for them. We also understand buying a Baby Carrier online can feel a little intimidating having not ever tried it on. Which is why we are more than happy to exchange or refund your carrier for change of mind, provided it is returned unused, and the carrier and packaging should be in a new and saleable condition. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your carrier should you wish to return it to In this case, you will be responsible for the return postage charges. 

Please note that all of our products are handmade, meaning that stitching lines may not be perfect, and these human 'flaws' add to the beauty of a handmade one-of-a-kind product rather than mass produced. These 'flaws' do not compromise the safety of your product nor do they warrant a refund.

Do you deliver to me?