Caring For Your Zarpar Bebê Carrier


Your Zarpar Bebe Carrier is a unique, handmade creation.  It needs to be treated with love and care to keep its durability, comfort & beauty.

For food, vomit or daily kinds of mess you can use a baby wipe or wet cloth to gently spot clean the soiled area.

We recommend warm hand washing with a mild, natural detergent or a very gentle, warm machine wash with your Carrier placed in a cotton pillow case, secured with a knot, rubber band or piece of string. This protects the handwoven front decorative panel, and prevents the straps getting too twisted in the spin cycle.
DO NOT tumble dry. Line dry in shade.  Avoid buckles and strapping when ironing. 

With the proper love and care your Zarpar Carrier will give you many years of baby wearing bliss.