What Can You Do?

Ethical and Sustainable production is becoming the new norm, but there is still a long journey ahead of us.

There are many things that you can do to bring awareness to these issues and to help change the course of the retail industry.

Our collective voice is powerful. 



who made my clothes

Take a selfie and tag a brand  "Who made my clothes?"

Through 2018 Fashion Revolution reached nearly 275 million people and 3838 brands responded to the question!

Let's hope 2019 is even more powerful!



kids market

Find your local clothing swaps or 2nd hand store.  Baby & Kids markets are a great place to find a bargain on some treasured items. 

There will be many events happening throughout this week, here is a link to a few to get you started on your search.



sewing learn a skill zarpar bebe

Find your creative outlet in sewing, crochet, knitting, weaving or even pottery to make your own.  Look for a local class offering to teach these skills - many community centres run low cost classes. Or head into your library, or simply jump onto You Tube. 

All of these skills can be so much fun and not to mention so good for the soul!

Try to arrange a group of friends and make it a regular catch up so you can focus time into your projects!     




We have been conditioned to a fast fashion pace - but introducing vintage techniques into caring for our clothing and belongings will ensure we get the most out of our purchases.  Show the things you bought that you love them, treat them with respect and care for them in the right way.  

Mend them when they become damaged, learn how to darn or patch your fabrics.  The below image shows just how easy darning a hole in your linens can be. 

Image result for how to darn linen



Stay loyal to those brands you love.  Every brand works hard to create a beautiful customer experience and those creating ethical and sustainable brands have many many challenges to ensure high standards of production are kept. 

These brands face these challenges for you, because they know how important upholding these ethics are to you, they also know how important it is for the world to continue in this way. 

When you find an ethical brand you love, stick with them, tell all your friends and help that brand to grow.  If they don't have the product you are looking for, reach out and ask them about it, chances are, if that brand is in tune with it's customers, it will only be a matter of time. 

When you support the vision of an ethical brand, means more and more people are working for fair wages, and are working in clean and safe environments.  It means the world will slowly start to be protected once more.


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