Washing Your Baby Carrier. It's Easier Than You Think

Ensuring you get the most out of your new Baby Carrier is one of our top priorities.  We want to make sure you enjoy many years of babywearing love in your Zarpar Bebe carrier! 

Here are our tips for caring for your carrier - don't worry, it's super easy! 



  • Spot clean any soiled areas when they happen with a damp cloth or towel.


  • When it comes time for a deep clean, you can either hand or machine wash separately, always with lukewarm or cold water and a mild soap without bleach or brighteners. 


  • Never leave the carrier to soak.


  • If using a washing machine, opt for a short and gentle cycle.  It's also a good idea to place into a wash bag or pillow case to avoid the straps becoming too tangled.


  • Do not place the carriers in the tumble dryer.


  • When taking the carrier out of the washing machine, it is a good idea just to smooth out the waistband and shoulder strap padding to ensure it keeps its shape once dry.


  • Simply hang or lay out flat to dry in the shade


  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight over long periods of time.


  • Do not iron your Snap Buckle Carrier.  You can iron the wrap carrier, but only the straps. Ensure you avoid the strap padding and carrier body.  Iron on a low heat.

And just a tip, always secure the buckles when not in use.  We have had a few buckles loose their life in car doors when unsecured.


I know how much you rely on your baby carrier, it can feel like you have had an arm chopped off when it's not with you.  But delaying caring for your baby carrier can shorten it's lifespan.

A good rule to live by is the European way of using bed linen, 1 set on the bed, 1 set in the wash.  So it might be worth thinking about investing in a second carrier.

I personally keep a baby carrier in the house and then another in the car.  That way I don't need to worry about remembering all the things when I'm heading out.  Then of course, when one needs to be washed - I have the other as my back up! 

When you consider the cost per use factor - 2 carriers will only cost you 54 cents to use every day over the course of 2 years! 

When you look at it in those terms, it makes so much sense especially since it will make your life that bit easier! 


And to help you out, we are offering 20% OFF your second carrier when you buy 1 at full price - that's 47 cents per wear!

Use code 2FORYOU at checkout to redeem your discount.

Now its' your turn to embrace your natural parenting journey...

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