Summertime Babywearing - Tips to Survive the Heat


Summer is here!  The outdoor adventures are calling!  And so too are all of those extra errands preparing for a beautiful end of year Holiday spent together. 

During this time particularly, babywearing becomes a total necessity. 


Zarpar Bebe carriers were initially designed with the hotter months in mind.  Living in the warm sun of Australia and visiting the tropics of Brazil frequently meant I needed to find the ultimate breathable carrier to see us through.

Our carriers are made using 100% Linen - a fabric that feels cool to the touch.  It is one of the natural worlds most absorbent materials and can take on alot of moisture before actually feeling damp.  It also has the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth.

Non bulky padding and foam has been used through the waist and shoulder straps ensuring there is no extra layers than absolutely necessary.

And natural bamboo padding used in the Wrap carrier which helps further to regulate temperature.

The open panel sides of both styles of carrier allows for plenty of airflow to get through to you and bub.

The Zarpar Bebe carrier really is the ultimate summer time carrier!


But if the the thought of strapping another little hot human to your body during our warm summer months just starts you sweating, don't worry, we have a few tips to keep you both cool!


1.  Natural clothing layers.  Always wear at least 1 layer of natural clothing between yours and your bubs body.  No one likes touching sweaty skin and the fabric will help wick away the moisture and keep you both cool and dry. 


2. Keep out of direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight causes overheating in bub (and not your body's temperature) - so try to be mindful of how much time spent soaking up the sun.   


3. Be Sun Smart.  Make sure bub (and you) is always wearing sunscreen and a hat.  It is best to apply sunscreen before carrying your baby to avoid getting sunscreen in the fabrics of your carrier. 


4. Take a "shower". Misting Bottles can be a great thing to have on hand for a quick cool down.


5. Stay Hydrated.  I know too well how easy it can be to forget to have a drink while running after little people - but this is so much more important while babywearing in the heat.  Make sure you and bub are drinking regularly.


6. Take a break.  Try to remove bub from the carrier as often as you can to let you both cool down.  Alternatively, while sitting in a secure spot and while you maintain a good hold of bub, just unfasten or loosen a side of the carrier to let a little more air flow in. 


7. Travel Lightly.  Lugging around extra bags and equipment can be hot work without a baby strapped to your body, so plan ahead and try to leave things behind where you can.


8. Change your carry positions.  For older bubs, try changing your carry positions occasionally.  Back carry will allow more air flow for you, but you will need a spare set of eyes to ensure your little one is still comfortable.  Hip carry is a great alternative as it opens up a space between you and bub and allows plenty of airflow through to you both.


9. Check on bub!  This is by far the most important - ensure you are checking on your little one regularly and look for signs of overheating which includes skin which is hot to the touch, skin that has turned very red and a rapid heartbeat.



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