No One Should Die For Fashion



Fashion Revolution exists to bring awareness to the fashion and retail industry.
They believe simply in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.
Their aim is to show that change is possible and to encourage those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future.
 no one should die for fashion
The tragic moment that changed it all.  On 24 April 2013 when time stood still for many families in Bangladesh.  A moment when the Rana Plaza came crashing down, taking 1134 beautiful lives with it and further injuring another 2500 innocent people.  
This was a factory where many of the worlds garments were made and to this day many people still walk around wearing this product without knowing that the maker lost their life simply to provide food and shelter for their families.
To make this event that much more tragic, of the 29 brands identified as having products produced in this factory at the time, only 9 attended a meeting to discuss compensation for the victims.
This day truly makes my heart hurt - this was a completely avoidable tragedy.  It is beyond inexcusable for a person to work in such poor conditions. 
Having myself worked in and around this industry for 15 years, I have seen some devastating decisions being made by CEO's chasing the dollar or simply just trying to prove their worth in their job role.
It is our responsibility, as the consumer, to change this reality for everyone across the globe.  We need to demonstrate to the industry, and ALL industries, what we will accept.  And the only way we can do that is through our purchasing choices.


zarpar bebe
Zarpar Bebe wholeheartedly stands with Fashion Revolution.
To know the mother who made our baby carriers can still be with her child.  To know a daughter can still hold her mama close each day.  To know a family can enjoy their meal together at the end of the day.
This means more to me than any amount of dollars to be earned.  
Zarpar pledges to always put these hard working people at the forefront of our business - they are our backbone which is why we want to introduce you again to some of these hard working people.


i made your clothes - fashion revolution zarpar bebe
Marisa has been the driving force behind the Zarpar brand, helping to bring to life all of your beautiful baby carriers. 
She is a 33 year old single mother to her 10 year old daughter living in Bali, Indonesia.  She is passionate and determined.  Marisa has created a beautiful production team giving opportunities to many of the local families.
Siva is a mother of 3 and is one of the talented sewers on Marisa's team.  She works alongside her husband living in Bali.  She has an older son living away in Java, and have their 12 year old son and 4 year old daughter at home with them.


Here are just some of the beautiful faces who create the unique Allo front panel of your carriers - it really does take a village. 
All of the allo is hand harvested, hand spun and hand woven using traditional techniques learned through their community.
nepal allo weavers
nepal allo farmer zarpar bebenepal allo weavers zarpar bebe
nepal weavers zarpar bebe
Zarpar Bebe is truly helping to build futures and change lives to many people across the world.  We are so grateful to be working with such passionate and talented artisans and to showcase their work.
2% of all Zarpar profits are donated to a not for profit organisation supporting the education of these communities - allowing them economical freedom through their learned marketable skills.
Nurturing dignity, pride and humanity at every level!
Want to support these talented makers? 
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