Maintaining Healthy Hips

According to the Hip Dysplasia Institute,  As many as one in six newborn babies have mild hip instability at birth, and approximately one per thousand has a dislocated hip.  



This is the safest and most comfortable position for your babe.  

For a newborn carry, you will need to ensure their bum sits low and their knees are bent over their ankles with their squat spread against your body.

If you are carrying with their little legs inside the carrier, you will need to ensure they are not sitting on their feet.  This is important to maintain proper circulation.


Cultures where babywearing is common have a low frequency of hip dislocations in babies.  Whether this is due to the M-carrying position or to genetics is unproven. However, this low frequency is in sharp contrast to high rates of hip dislocation where traditional swaddling is practiced with the hips and knees held straight during early infancy.


All of the Zarpar Bebê carriers, with the correct adjustments, support proper babywearing keeping the hips in this all important M-position.


m position babywearing

hip dysplasia babywearing zarpar



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