Following Your Instincts

Often times our motherhood journey can become overwhelming, the to do lists can add up and the demands of the small people in our lives become never ending.  It can feel as though a part of our being has been lost.

I felt this happening to me in the first few months of my first child’s life, I felt like I was drowning in the daily chores of my home and the strong maternal desire to make sure my baby had all that he needed.  The well-meaning, yet conflicting advise from family, friends, midwives and support groups simply intensified my feelings.   After a few months of following the “guidelines” of being a new mother, I knew something needed to change, and that change I realized was to simply stop listening.  

As soon as I made this change, my world became clearer – my son became calmer and I finally could wholeheartedly embrace my motherhood journey. I began instinctively parenting – parenting my son in a way that worked for my family and that felt right to me.  I simply followed my own instincts.  

Natural Parenting practices are at the core of being an instinctual parent, it is centred around meeting your babies needs and following your maternal instincts.  How you implement these practices is like creating a piece of art, it is unique to your family.   Instinctual Parenting is how mother nature designed us to parent.  It is the rawest form of being a mother.

Babywearing was a core part of my parenting shift – it truly changed the way I parented.  It gave me back the freedom I thought I had lost.  I could connect once again in nature and the outdoors whenever I needed, a place that allows my energy to reset.  A place where I could disconnect from responsibility and breath out the impurities clouding my mind.  It allowed me to take control over the things in my life and my home which were causing me anxiety, the everyday things like washing, cooking and cleaning.   It brought peace to me and peace to my son, he could trust that his needs would be met and he finally settled knowing he could sleep at ease when he wanted, or feed when he was ready all within the carrier.  It brought about a sense of confidence in my own ability to parent.

The best thing of all, It allowed my son to witness his true mama.  A happy and peaceful woman.